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Ivette is awarded the Dean’s Award for Exceptional Achievement for Advanced Students!

Jul. 21, 2021—Ivette was presented with the Dean’s Award for Exceptional Achievement for Advanced Students. Congratulations! Recipients are selected based on research excellence, evidence by fellowship awards, publications, and presentations at conferences. The awardees demonstrate a mastery of their disciplines through a track record of high achievement in their classes of strong performances in their qualifying exams and...

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Keandreya Morrison joins the Iverson lab as a graduate student!

Jul. 21, 2021—Keandreya joined the lab in spring 2021 and selected Pharmacology as her home department; she is part of the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance. Welcome, Key!

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Laura joined the Iverson lab!

Jul. 13, 2020—Laura Frigo joined the Iverson lab as a research assistant in June 2020. Welcome!

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Ivette passed her qualifying exam!

Jul. 13, 2020—Ivette passed her qualifying exam on May 27, 2020 and is now an official Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations!

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Ivette receives an NSF Fellowship!

Jul. 9, 2020—Ivette Perez has been awarded a graduate research fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Congratulations, Ivette!!

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