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The intrinsically disordered region of the cytokinetic F-BAR protein Cdc15 provides a unique essential function in maintenance of cytokinetic ring integrity


Mangione MCMariaSanta C , Snider CEChloe E , Gould KLKathleen L . Molecular biology of the cell. 2019 09 11; (). mbcE19060314


Successful separation of two daughter cells (i.e. cytokinesis) is essential for life. Many eukaryotic cells divide using a contractile apparatus called the cytokinetic ring (CR) that associates dynamically with the plasma membrane (PM) and generates force that contributes to PM ingression between daughter cells. In , important membrane-CR scaffolds include the paralogous F-BAR proteins Cdc15 and Imp2. Their conserved protein structure consists of the archetypal F-BAR domain linked to an SH3 domain by an intrinsically disordered region (IDR). Functions have been assigned to the F-BAR and SH3 domains, and in this study we probed the function of the central IDR. We found that the IDR of Cdc15 is essential for viability and cannot be replaced by that of Imp2, whereas the F-BAR domain of Cdc15 can be swapped with several different F-BAR domains, including that of Imp2. Deleting part of the IDR results in CR defects and abolishes calcineurin phosphatase localization to the CR. Together these results indicate that Cdc15’s IDR has a non-redundant essential function that coordinates regulation of CR architecture.