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  • GRANT13884643: Dr. Ebrish (PI) and ISDE team proposal to DARPA was awarded. The proposal was for the SPCE Program to Push Beyond Power Limitations in Space. The award is part of Technical Area2: Fundamental Device Exploration. TA2 will be a two-phase program effort with a 20-month Phase 1 (Base) and an 18-month Phase 2 (Option). The program is managed by DARPA program Manger Dr. Jason Woo while ONR is providing contracting support for this effort. The proposal will focus on focus on designing, fabricating, optimizing and testing High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for space applications.



  • FA9550-23-1-0620: Our Air Force Office of Scientific Research award of 300K for 36 months will focus on heterogeneous integration of wide bandgap power devices with logic and will include design and fabrication of novel power devices. Devices operating in space are exposed to high energy radiation, which is one of the main reliability challenges for space systems. The radiation response of the devices fabricated as part of this program will be examined experimentally in coordination with AFOSR-sponsored programs working on radiation effects in wide bandgap materials and devices: a MURI program led by Penn State (PI is Rongming Chu) and the Radiation Effects Center of Excellence at Vanderbilt (PI is Ron Schrimpf). This will enable the group to expand our work on heterogenous integration using the micro-transfer printing technique. We will further understand the fundamental challenges in the transferring process and the adhering techniques to radiation tolerant substrates.