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Lab Photos


DelGiorno lab holiday party 2023 at Dave and Buster’s

Kathy and Amanda present at the world’s first Tuft Cell Meeting in Giessen, Germany

Celebrating the holidays and the new year with a curling lesson!!

So glad to meet see our own Dr. Trinh at the 2022 APA meeting!

Kathy, Amanda, and Amelia representing the DelGiorno Lab at APA 2022 meeting in Orlando!

Nidhi graduated from the amazing 2022 CSHL Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer!

DelGiorno Lab @CDB Annual Retreat 2022


Celebrating Kathy’s winning of the shark-tank style symposium at VICC ambassadors breakfast!

Enjoying Thai Cuisine at the DelGiorno Lab dinner: Wishing each other and everyone a Happy Holiday Season

Nidhi’s Baby Shower celebrations!

Enjoying different flavors of Ben & Jerry on a Friday evening!