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Reading Disability in Chinese Children Learning English as an L2


Cao FFan , Yan XXiaohui , Yan XXin , Zhou HHaiyan , Booth JRJames R . Child development. 2020 08 31; ().


To examine whether there are common or specific deficits of reading disability (RD) in first (L1) and second languages (L2), Chinese children (9-11 years, N = 76) with or without RD who learn English as an L2 were studied during a visual word rhyming judgment task. Evidence was found for common deficits in L1 and L2 in visuo-orthographic processes in left inferior temporal gyrus and left precuneus, as well as in phonological processes in left dorsal inferior frontal gyrus as children with RD showed less activation than controls in both languages. Furthermore, the visuo-orthographic deficit appears to be a RD effect, whereas the phonological deficit appears to be a reading/performance effect. Some weak evidence for language specific effects was also found.