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A neuroimaging dataset on working memory and reward processing in children with and without ADHD


Lytle MNMarisa N , Hammer RRubi , Booth JRJames R . Data in brief. 2020 6 2; 31(). 105801


This article describes the public neuroimaging dataset entitled “Working Memory and Reward in Children with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)” available on This dataset uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while participants complete 8 n-back tasks designed to explore working memory, monetary reward, and feedback processing in typically developing children and children diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, this dataset includes longitudinal scores from a battery of standardized measures of cognitive ability, ADHD symptoms, and reading skill. Neuroimaging and standardized testing data were collected from 79 children, aged 8.6-12.0, of which 35 had a formal diagnosis of ADHD at session T1. 48 children returned two years later to complete standardized testing at session T2. Although some work has been published on the spatial working memory task, future research could investigate the verbal working memory and longitudinal data which are unexplored. In addition, this dataset is accompanied by an adult dataset, including 24 participants completing the same tasks entitled, “Working Memory and Reward in Adults” and available on