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More Projects

  • Math and Attention Training: Kindergarten 
    • Effects of Combined Attention and Academic Interventions for Kindergarten Children with Significant Difficulties in Mathematics
    • National Science Foundation, Education and Human Resources Core Research, 2100328 (2021-2025)
    • Role: PI
  • Math and Attention: California and Houston (MAT-CH)
    • A Randomized Trial of a Tutor-Based Mathematics and Attention Intervention for Low-Performing Preschoolers at Risk for Mathematical Difficulties in School
    • Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Special Education Research, R324A110270 (2011-2017)
    • Role: PI
    • Final Report
  • Systematic Replication of Pre-K Mathematics Tutorial
    • The Effect of Variation in the Intervention Delivery Model on Mathematics Achievement of At-Risk Preschool Children
    • Institute of Education Sciences,  National Center for Special Education Research, R324R200011 (2020-2025)
    • PI: Kylie Flynn, WestEd
    • Role: Co-PI
  • Comorbid Learning Disabilities
    • Understanding Word-Reading & Calculations Comorbid Learning Disabilities
    • National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, R01HD097772 (2021-2024)
    • PIs: D. Fuchs & L. Fuchs, Vanderbilt University
    • Role: Co-I