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Dr. Marcia Barnes

Headshot of Dr. Marcia Barnes

Marcia Barnes, Ph.D. is a Professor of Special Education. She conducts research on the cognitive processes associated with difficulties in reading comprehension and mathematics in children with neurodevelopmental disorders and children at risk for or with learning disabilities.

Her research in early mathematics is concerned with testing interventions that address both the mathematical and cognitive difficulties of young children at high risk for developing disabilities in mathematics and with understanding sources of risk for complex learning disabilities involving difficulties in both math and reading.

Her program of research in reading comprehension involves: the construction of novel instruments to assess inference and text-integration skills; testing sources of reading comprehension difficulties in adolescent readers; and the creation and testing of interventions to improve reading comprehension, particularly inferential aspects of comprehension.

Her research has received federal funding from the Institute of Education Sciences and the National Institutes of Health. She is the author of many peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and co-authored a widely-used book on learning disability identification, assessment, and intervention.

Her research papers have appeared in various journals including Scientific Studies of Reading; Psychological Bulletin; Journal of Educational Psychology; Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness; Journal of Learning Disabilities; Journal of the International Neuropsychological Association; and Neuropsychology.