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Our lab is part of the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology (CREATE) at Vanderbilt. CREATE consists of a state-of-the-art 3000 sq. ft. motion analysis lab for human subject experiments (photo below), along with individual adjoining rehabilitation engineering labs that house the research groups of Prof. Zelik, Prof. Braun, and Prof. Goldfarb.

Summary of Hardware: Bertec split-belt force-instrumented treadmill, 6 AMTI in-ground force plates, 10-camera Vicon T40 motion capture system, 12-camera OptiTrack motion capture system, Xsens portable motion capture, 16+ channel wireless Delsys Trigno EMG system, Cosmed K4b2 portable respirometry system, Novel Pedar-x pressure insole system, Telemed EchoBlaster 128 ultrasound systems, as well as additional portable sensors and rehab/testing apparati (stairs, ramps, treadmills, etc.).

Summary of Computers & Software: Multiple desktop and laptop workstations with Matlab, SolidWorks, Creo Parametric, LabVIEW, Vicon Nexus, Visual3D and other engineering and biomechanics software.

Summary of Fabrication Facilities: Multiple electromechanical workstations with assortment of hand and power tools. Additional fabrication facilities are available for use in the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering machine shops, and in the Wond’ry Makerspace (located one floor beneath us).

Additional Facilities: The lab is located in the new Engineering & Science Building, and directly connected to the brand new 13,000 sq. ft. Innovation Center (called the Wond’ry), which contains additional fabrication equipment and collaboration space.