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Thanks for your interest in joining the Zelik Lab for Biomechanics & Assistive Technology, and/or participating in a research study.

Participating in a Research Study
We are actively looking for individuals with a lower-limb amputation to participate in research studies aimed at advancing our understanding of how amputees walk and the limitations of current prosthetic limbs, in order to develop next-generation prostheses. Research participants will be compensated for their time. Click here for further study details and inclusion criteria.

Joining and/or Collaborating with the Lab
PhD Students
PhD students are the backbone of our research lab, and we are often looking for talented new individuals to join and strengthen our team. The number and types of PhD positions vary from year to year. Please see this info on the PhD program and how to apply to the Vanderbilt Graduate School. If you decide to apply, please include information on what specific types of research projects excite you, what skills you are most interested in acquiring/developing, and what technical skills or research experience you bring with you. Due to the volume of inquiries throughout the year I am unable to respond to all emails, and I often reserve time in November-March to reply to and speak to prospective students. Feel free to follow-up during this window. We do not plan to admit additional PhD students into the lab in 2024.

Undergraduate & Masters Students
We are excited to continue to involve undergraduate and Masters students in research! If you are interested, please view this detailed document on guidelines, expectations and how to apply. In addition, undergraduate students may also be eligible to apply for specific summer research opportunities in our lab, via the VUSE Summer Research Program (please follow instructions on their website and submit applications through their portal).

Medical Students, Resident or Clinicians
Please contact Prof. Zelik via email to discuss potential opportunities.

Post-Doctoral Scholars or Visiting Faculty
Please contact Prof. Zelik via email to discuss potential opportunities.

What You Can Expect Here
What you can expect from Vanderbilt: A highly collaborative, collegial and cross-disciplinary environment (engineering facilities adjacent to medical center). State-of-the-art exoskeletons, prostheses and biomechanical motion analysis facilities. A challenging and rewarding academic/research program, amongst a close-knit community of talented and supportive students and faculty.

What you can expect from Prof. Zelik: The enthusiasm, support and mentorship of a researcher who is personally invested in you, and who cares about your well-being and growth as a researcher, engineer and person.

What you can expect from Nashville: It’s awesome! It’s booming economically, culturally and socially, with a lot to offer in terms of food, music, theater, sports, parks, recreation and festivities. And the weather is great!