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A Day in the Life…

Posted by on Sunday, February 12, 2017 in News.

A day in the life of Vanderbilt students, postdocs, engineers and faculty performing research on rehabilitation engineering & assistive technology. (Depicted are members of the Zelik and Goldfarb labs. Photo Credits to Suzannah Ponzio and John Russell at Vanderbilt University).

Interdisciplinary collaboration.

Biomechanical modeling.

Mechatronic prostheses.

Exoskeleton engineering and development.

Prosthetic testing.

Mechanical design and fabrication.

Team science.

Signal analysis.


Powered prosthetics.

Discussing human-machine interaction.

Collaborative problem solving.

Human subject data collection.

Exoskeleton testing.

Gait analysis.

End-user interactions.

Improving robotic exoskeleton control.


Experiment preparation.


Close-knit community.