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Matt Chvasta—former undergraduate student

In the Zaganjor lab, Matt worked (2020-2021) on the role of BCAA catabolism in adipogenesis. He contributed to our published work:

Zaganjor E , Yoon H , Spinelli JB , Nunn ER , Laurent G , Keskinidis P , Sivaloganathan S , Joshi S , Notarangelo G , Mulei S , Chvasta MT , Tucker SA , Kalafut K , van de Ven RAH , Clish CB , Haigis MC , SIRT4 is an early regulator of branched-chain amino acid catabolism that promotes adipogenesis Cell Reports. 2021 Jul 13; 36 (2).

Jack-Tracy- former undergraduate student

In the Zaganjor Lab, Jack worked (2020-2022) with Julia Pinette on the role of SIRT4 in adipose tissue biology.