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Highlighted Publications:

  1. Mabesoone, M.F.J., Leopold-Messer, S., Minas, H.A., Chepkirui, C., Chawengrum, P., Reiter, S., Meoded, R.A., Wolf, S., Genz, F., Magnus, N., Piechulla, B., Walker, A.S., Piel, J. Evolution-Guided Engineering of Trans-Acyltransferase Polyketide Synthases. Science. 2024. 383 (6689). 1312-1317.
  2. Beck, M.L., Song, S., Shuster, I.E., Miharia, A.,Walker, A.S. Diversity and taxonomic distribution of bacterial biosynthetic gene clusters predicted to produce compounds with therapeutically relevant bioactivities. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2023. 50 (1). kuad024.
  3. Mullowney, M.W., Duncan, K.R., Elsayed, S.S., Garg, N.,van der Hooft, J.J.J., Martin, M.I., Meijer, D., Terlouw, B.R., Biermann, F., Blin, K.; Durairaj, J., Gorostiola González, M., Helfrich, E.J.N., Huber, F., Leopold-Messer, S., Rajan, K., de Rond, T., van Santen, J.A., Sorokina, M., Balunas, M.J., Beniddir, M., van Bergeijk, D., Carroll, L.M., Clark, C.M., Clevert, D., Dejong, C.A., Du, C., Ferrinho, S., Grisoni, F., Hofstetter, A., Jespers, W., Kalinina, O.V., Kautsar, S.A., Kim, H., Leao, T.F., Masschelein, J., Rees, E.R., Reher, R., Reker, D., Schwaller, P., Segler, M., Skinnider, M.A., Walker, A.S., Willighagen, E.L., Zdrazil, B., Ziemert, N., Goss, R.J.M., Guyomard, P., Volkamer, A., Gerwick, W.H., Kim, H., Müller, R., van Wezel, G.P., van Westen, G., Hirsch, A.K.H., Linington, R.G., Robinson, S.L., Medema, M.H. Artificial Intelligence for Natural Product Drug Discovery. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 2023.
  4. Walker, A.S., Clardy, J.  A Machine Learning Bioinformatics Method to Predict Biological Activity from Biosynthetic Gene Clusters. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2021. 61 (6). 2560-2571.
    (Featured as a supplemental cover)
  5. Preprints:

  6. Biermann, F., Tan, B., Breitenbach, M., Nanudorn, P., Kakumu, Y., Dimitrova, Y., Walker, A.S., Ueoka, R., Helfrich, E.J.N. Machine-learning based exploration, expansion and definition of the atropopeptide family of ribosomally synthesized and posttranslationally modified peptides.
  7. Riedling, O., Walker, A.S., Rokas, A. Predicting fungal secondary metabolite activity from biosynthetic gene cluster data using machine learning.
  8. Other Independent Career Publications:

  9. You, C., Lee, S., Lee, J., Vuong, T., Lee, H. Jeong, S., Alishir, A., Walker, A.S., Bae, G., Kim, K., Kang, J. Inonotus obliquus upregulates muscle regeneration and augments function through muscle oxidative metabolism. International Journal of Biological Sciences. 2023. 19 (15). 4898-4914.
  10. Other Publications Prior to Vanderbilt:

  11. Walker, A.S., Russ, W.P., Ranganathan, R., Schepartz, A. RNA sectors and allosteric function within the ribosome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A, 2020. 177 (33). 19879-19887.
  12. Walker, A.S., Pishchany, G., Clardy, J. Parsing Molecules for Drug Discovery. Biochemistry, 2020. 59 (17). 1645-1646.
  13. Reisberg, S.H., Gao, Y., Walker, A.S., Helfrich, E.J.N., Clardy, J., Baran, P.S. Total synthesis reveals atypical atropisomerism in a small molecule Tryptorubin A. Science, 2020. 367 (6476). 458-463.
  14. Sinclair, J.K.L*., Walker, A.S.*, Doerner, A.E., Schepartz, A. Mechanism of information transfer into and through the plasma membrane by EGFR. Cell Chem. Biol., 2018. 25 (7). 857-870.
  15. Walker, A.S., Rablen, P.R., Schepartz, A., Rotamer-restricted fluorogenicity of the bis-arsenical ReAsH. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016. 138 (22). 7143-7150.
    (Featured in spotlights on recent JACS publications and the cover of the June 8, 2016 JACS issue)
  16. Melo Czekster, C., Robertson, W.E., Walker, A.S., Söll, D., Schepartz, A. In vivo biosynthesis of a β-amino acid-containing protein. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016. 138 (16). 5194-5197.
  17. Melicher, M.S., Walker, A. S., Shen, J. Miller, S.J., Schepartz, A. Improved carbohydrate recognition in water with an electrostatically enhanced β-peptide bundle. Org. Lett., 2015. 17 (19). 4718-4721.
  18. Melicher, M.S., Chu, J., Walker, A.S., Miller, S.J., Baxter, R.H., Schepartz, A. A β-boronopeptide bundle of known structure as a vehicle for polyol recognition. Org. Lett., 2013. 15 (19). 5048-5051.
  19. Hobert, E.M., Doerner, A.E., Walker A.S., Schepartz, A. Effective molarity redux: proximity as a guiding force in chemistry and biology. Isr. J. Chem. 2013. 53 (8). 567-576.

* = authors contributed equally