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Navy Combatant Craft Health Management System

This is a multi-year STTR project in collaboration with Qualtech Systems, Inc, to develop an advanced health management system for Navy patrol boats. System health monitoring and management helps improve mission readiness and success. In long missions, or, in missions performed in harsh environments, Health Management Systems (HMS) may spell the difference between successful mission completion and failure. Health monitoring includes diagnosis and prognosis to assess a system’s health, and how it may change as future missions are conducted. Diagnosis is an assessment about the current and past health of a system based on observed symptoms, sensor data and built-in-tests, and prognosis is an assessment of precursor events or degradations that may affect the system health over a specified time interval. Such degradation assessment may drive intelligent maintenance, or, be used during operations to manage health and defer or prevent failure during a mission. Thus, a HMS is the key to condition-based maintenance (CBM) and critical for improving safety, planning missions, scheduling maintenance, and reducing maintenance costs and down time. The computational architecture is shown below in figure 1.