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Angel Bodrick

Graduate Student

Huntsville, Alabama native Angel Cierra Bodrick is currently a neuroscience Ph.D. student at Meharry Medical College. After receiving a BS in cellular and molecular biology at Hampton University in 2019 she joined RASR Laboratory in August 2022 to further her interest in Alzheimer’s Disease research and improving racial disparities.

Her current research project focuses on using quantitative proteomics to establish the molecular signature of AD in AA/Black adults as a part of the Proteomics of Hypertension and Alzheimer’s Disease in African Americans research grant. Observing the protein expression changes between cognitively normal (CN) and AD patients will allow molecular markers and pathways to be quantified. This quantification will provide insight into how comorbidities, patient heterogeneity, and disparities are affected in this population. Angel’s interest in molecular science began as a personal journey that grew out of observing Alzheimer’s diagnosis, progression, and impacted quality of life in her family members. Angel plans to bring her research expertise from the laboratory and engage in the community to further decrease disparities in African Americans.

Angel lives by the motto “grow through what you go through.” She currently serves as Nashville
NOBCChE’s vice president and the treasurer of the graduate school association at Meharry
Medical College. She enjoys cooking, spending time with loved ones, playing her instruments,
and working as an EMT in her downtime.