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Join Our Team

Below are current opportunities to join our team.

The RASR Team at Vanderbilt University is seeking postdoctoral researchers and a research assistant professor to join us in our work towards advancing aging and Alzheimer’s disease research. We are seeking scientists to help develop cutting-edge proteomics and lipidomics approaches and establish pipelines for targeted analysis of molecules in animal model and clinical patient samples. Bioanalytical experience in ‘omics based approaches and mass spectrometry would be extremely helpful. We are also interested in furthering disease understanding of various biological processes such that applicants with experience in organic chemistry, chemical biology, biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, biostatistics and bioinformatics, or other relevant areas are encouraged to apply. Openings available until filled. If you are interested in learning more or applying please send your CV and three letters of reference to Dr. Robinson.

We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students to join our team as well!

Independent Undergraduate Researchers

Opening for highly motivated and independent Undergraduate Researchers: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Pre-Med, Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering and other majors, Contact Us to Apply

Graduate Assistants

Opening for Graduate Assistant Researchers: several multidisciplinary projects available, Contact Us to Apply

Postdoctoral Researchers

Opening for Postdoctoral Associates primarily interested in proteomics development and biological applications, Contact Us to Apply

Research Assistant Professor

Opening for Research Assistant Professor: bioanalytical experience in ‘omics and mass spectrometry helpful, Contact Us to Apply