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Dr. Robinson sees off her RASR Lab Grads

May. 20, 2024—RASR Lab members received well wishes and congratulations from Dr. Robinson at graduation last week. Arielle Fortune received her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and Katherine Kapp her PhD in Chemistry.

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Nekesa Oliver publishes first author paper in ACS Measurement Science Au

May. 3, 2024—Nekesa Oliver has paper published in ACS Measurement Science Au. ‘Establishing Quality Control Metrics for Large-Scale Plasma Proteomic Sample Preparation’ aimed to establish quality control metrics for the sample preparation of a large cohort. They created 5 QC sample types to measure performance of sample preparation prior to the final LC-MS/MS analysis. It provided recommendations for...

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RASR Lab team at Alzheimer’s Disease Research Day

Apr. 17, 2024—Dr. Khiry Patterson presents ‘Plasma Proteins Associated with Alzheimer’s disease in the Religious Orders Study and Memory Aging Project’ poster at Vanderbilt Alzheimer’s Research Day on April 10th. Updates will be posted here.

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