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Indrayani had a baby!

Apr. 2, 2022—Indrayani and Will welcomed Lily (6lbs 14oz, 19 inches) on March 20th, 2022! Everyone is doing well! Congratulations!       

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Congratulations to Dr. James O’Connor on his thesis defense!

Feb. 8, 2022—On Friday, January 28, 2022, James O’Connor presented his work titled, “A Protease-initiated Model of Wound Detection.” He gave an excellent presentation, and everyone loved his movies. His committee comprised of Dr. Matthew Tyska, Dr. Ian Macara, Dr. Jared Nordman, and Dr. M. Shane Hutson, approved his thesis with no corrections! Congratulations, Dr. O’Connor!

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A review article in the Journal of Cell Science

Feb. 8, 2022—Indrayani published a review in the Journal of Cell Science summarizing glypican-mediated Wnt distribution. In this review, we summarize, critique, and provide revisions to all the reported models of Wnt distribution. We especially focus on glypican-mediated mechanisms, which primarily establish Wnt gradients in vivo. An up-to-date summary of seminal studies on how glypicans spread extracellular Wnts...

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Indrayani recieved a K99!

Jan. 9, 2022—Indrayani received a K99 award from the NIGMS to study mechanisms of Wg/Wnt regulation by glypican Dlp (01/22-12/23). The award funds research where she will integrate the Drosophila genetic tools with biochemical, proteomic, and imaging approaches to investigate how Dlp-mediated regulation of Wnt signaling is affected by proteolytic cleavage of Dlp my Matrix Metalloprotease2 (Mmp2) in developmental...

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Kimi had a baby!

Jan. 8, 2022—Congratulations to Kimi and Zach as they welcomed Sophie on December 4th, 2021! Everyone is doing well!

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A new paper in PLoS One

Jan. 8, 2022—James O’Connor et al published a new paper in PLoS One! This work characterized several different types of cellular damage within a wounded epithelial tissue, allowing for distinct regions of damage to be estimated after measuring any one type of damage.

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