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Indrayani recieved a K99!

Posted by on Sunday, January 9, 2022 in Lab News.

Indrayani received a K99 award from the NIGMS to study mechanisms of Wg/Wnt regulation by glypican Dlp (01/22-12/23). The award funds research where she will integrate the Drosophila genetic tools with biochemical, proteomic, and imaging approaches to investigate how Dlp-mediated regulation of Wnt signaling is affected by proteolytic cleavage of Dlp my Matrix Metalloprotease2 (Mmp2) in developmental and tumorigenic contexts. Additionally, she will investigate previously unappreciated roles of Dlp in Wnt ligand production, availability, and signaling. The overall aim of this project is to understand how ligand availability at short-and long ranges is controlled by glypicans. Congratulations Indrayani!!