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Postdoctoral position in Single Cell Systems Biology

Research summary:

Many human diseases result from cellular and molecular changes in signal transduction and gene regulatory pathways due to the gradual exposure of humans to harmful environmental conditions. However, when we try to understand molecular alternations that appear in disease cells, almost all biological studies today are performed in constant environments and may not represent gradual and physiologically relevant conditions. In addition, even within a group of individuals diagnosed with the same condition, the disease outcome and response to treatment at the whole body, organ, or cellular level can vastly differ. However, because most studies use population measurements, they assume that all cells of a specific type behave identically. To address these limitations, my lab aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms of signal transduction and gene expression in normal and disease physiology in the context of gradual and physiologically relevant environmental changes and single-cell variability. We do so by applying a quantitative framework to broad biological questions in model organisms and healthy and diseased tissue. We combine a series of single-cell, single-molecule, and genome-wide approaches and complement these quantitative assays with in-depth computational data analysis, genetics, molecular biology, chemical profiling, and single-cell predictive computational modeling. With this quantitative framework, we made novel discoveries described in our research section and publications. The mentoring environment in the Neuert lab is dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as seen in our people’s section.

Specific questions of interest in my lab:

How do individual cells perceive physiologically relevant environments?

How do proteins generate dynamic behavior within a single cell?

How do cells regulate coding and non-coding genes in physiologically relevant dynamic and stochastic environments?

How to computationally model and predict single-cell behavior to gain novel biological insight in normal and mutated cells?


September 2022 – Gregor will present at the virtual Signaling Dynamics Seminar Series at UC Davis, CA

July 2022 – Gregor will present at the Systems Biology of Human Disease Conference at Vanderbilt Univresity, Nashville, TN

July 2022 – Gregor will present at the q-bio Conference at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

March 2022 – Blythe will present at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression in Cold Spring Harbor.

August 2021 – Hossein, Jason and Gregor will present at the Finding Your Inner Modeler IV – virtual Workshop at UIC Chicago, IL –

July 2021  – Gregor will present at the virtual q-bio summer school at the Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

July 2021  – Gregor will present at the virtual Signaling Dynamics Seminar Series at UC Davis, CA

May 2021 – Hossein and Gregor present at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Cell Dynamics and Modeling in Cold Spring Harbor

May 2021 – Gregor presents at the NIH Systems Biology Interest Group (virtually)

March  2021 – Gregor presents at the Physics Colloquium at the University of Minnesota

Old Presentations


October 2022: Welcome Victoria to her rotation.

May 2022 – John Adams joins our lab as a Research Technician!

March 2022 – Welcome Claire to her rotation.

November 2021 – Checkout out our research involvement in the newest issue of Vestigo.

July 2021 – Our 2018 PNAS paper got selected as a highly cited paper by VUBS.

July 2021 – Our paper got accepted in STAR protocols

July 2021 – Our R01 got funded.

May 2021 – Abraheem was selected for an MB training grant slot.

May 2021 – Blythe was selected for an ITED training grant slot.

April 2021 – Abraheem Khouqeer joins our lab as a graduate student!

April 2021 – Vanderbilt News covers our recent papers!

March 2021 – Welcome Abraheem to his rotation.

February 2021 – Checkout our new paper in Science Advances. Congrats Alexander!

February 2021 – Gregor has been recognized as School of Medicine Basic Sciences Dean’s Faculty Fellow.

Old News