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New User Information

Before using the core, you will need to schedule a tour of the facility given by the DAC manager.   Then, you will need to open a reservation system account and be trained for the behavioral tests you wish to use



Open an Account. This is required for all new users. First, please take a few moments to read the Core Policies, Services, Subject Preparations and Cleaning Rules.   Then fill out our user agreement form  and return it so we can set up an account on our reservation system and grant you access to the equipment.





Agreement_Form_revised_July2018 (Once you have completed the user agreement form, return it to John Allison (2-0794) in MCN AA9147)

Schedule Training

__ Send an email or call John Allison (2-0794) to arrange your first training session. Most equipment requires about one 1-hour training session before you can use it independently.

__ Contact John so that he can be there to supervise and assist in your first training or test session.

__ Once your training is completed, independent scheduling is done via the on-line scheduling calendar.