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The Vanderbilt Mouse Neurobehavior Lab  (MNL) is a shared resource, available for all researchers with appointments at Vanderbilt University. The MNL is supported by the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, the Kennedy Center, and by fees charged for usage. Non-VU/VUMC personnel also may use the facility. 




VU/VUMC Investigators: Our funding is justified in part upon your citing the Murine Neurobehavior Core when you publish data that was acquired in our facility. This would include results of behavior tests, training in the use of hardware/software, and any data analysis done, etc. The minimum acceptable acknowledgement should read:

Experiments/Data analysis/presentation [include what you use] were performed in part through the use of the Murine Neurobehavior Core lab at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Please let us know when you publish and send us a reprint of the manuscript. This is how we justify our existence.

Kennedy Center Investigators: The Behavior Core receives support from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center U54.

If you make use of these services or other VKC IDDRC Core services, please acknowledge this support in publications as required by the EKS NICHD. Sample: “Research supported in this publication was supported by the EKS NICHD of the NIH under Award #U54HD083211. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.”