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Selected Publications for Lisa Monteggia, Ph.D.

Lin PY, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2018) Genetic dissection of pre- and postsynaptic BDNF-TrkB signaling in synaptic efficacy of CA3-CA1 synapses. Cell Reports, in press.

Monteggia LM, Lin PY, Adachi M, Kavalali ET (2018) Behavioral analysis of SNAP-25 and Synaptobrevin-2 haploinsufficiency in mice. Neuroscience, in press.

Monteggia LM, Heimer H, Nestler EJ (2018) Can we make animal models of human mental illness? Biol Psychiatry, in press.

Horvath PM, Monteggia LM (2017) Engineering MeCP2 to spy on its targets. Nature Medicine 41(2):72-74.

Gideons ES, Lin PY, Mahgoub M, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2017) Chronic lithium treatment elicits its antimanic effects via BDNF-TrkB dependent synaptic downscaling. eLife 6. Pii: e25480.

Suzuki K, Nosyreva E, Hunt KW, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2017) The ketamine metabolite hydroxynorketamine impacts downstream signaling via NMDA receptor inhibition. Nature 546(7659):E1-E3.

Horvath P, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2017) CRISPR/Cas9 system mediated impairment of synaptobrevin/VAMP function in postmitotic hippocampal neurons. J Neurosci Methods 278:57-64.

Adachi M, Autry AE, Mahgoub M, Suzuki K, Monteggia LM (2017) TrkB Signaling in Dorsal Raphe Nucleus is Essential for Antidepressant Efficacy. Neuropsychopharm 42(4):886-894.

Mahgoub M, Adachi M, Suzuki K, Liu X, Kavalali ET, Chahrour M, Monteggia LM (2016) MeCP2 and Histone Deacetylases 1 and 2 in Dorsal Striatum Collectively Suppress Repetitive Behaviors. Nature Neurosci (in press).

Morris JM, Na ES, Autry AE, Monteggia LM (2016) Impact of DNMT1 and DNMT3a forebrain knockout on depressive- and anxiety like behavior in mice. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (in press).

Monteggia LM (2016) Toward Better Animal Models for Molecular Psychiatry. Biol Psychiatry 79(1):2-3.Monteggia LM, Zarate C Jr (2015)

Antidepressant actions of ketamine: from molecular mechanisms to clinical practice. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 30:139-143.

Adachi M, Lin P-Y, Pranav H, Monteggia LM (2015) Postnatal loss of Mef2c results in dissociation of effects on synapse number and learning and memory deficits. Biol Psychiatry [epub Oct 8, 2015].

Monteggia LM, Malenka RC, Deisseroth K (2014) Depression: The best way forward. Nature 515:200-201.

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Mahgoub M, Monteggia LM (2014) A role for histone deacetylases in the cellular and behavioral mechanisms underlying learning and memory. Learn Mem 21(10):564-568.

Nosyreva E, Szabla K, Autry AE, Ryazanov AG, Monteggia LM, Kavalali ET (2013) Acute suppression of spontaneous neurotransmission drives synaptic potentiation. J Neurosci, 33(16):6990-7002.

Costa-Mattioli M, Monteggia LM (2013) mTOR complexes in neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders Nature Neuroscience 16(11):1537-1543.

Monteggia LM, Kavalali ET (2013) Scopolamine and ketamine: evidence of convergence? Biological Psychiatry 74(10):712-713.

Nosyreva E, Szabla K, Autry AE, Ryazanov AG, Monteggia LM, Kavalali ET (2013) Acute suppression of spontaneous neurotransmission drives synaptic potentiation. J Neurosci, 33(16):6990-7002.

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Kim M-S, Akhtar MW, Adachi M, Mahgoub M, Bassel-Duby R, Kavalali ET, Olson EN, Monteggia LM. (2012) An essential role for histone deacetylase 4 in synaptic plasticity and memory formation. J Neurosci 32(32):10879-10886.

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Na ES, Nelson ED, Adachi M, Autry AE, Mahgoub MA, Jaenisch R, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2012) A mouse model for MeCP2 duplication syndrome: MeCP2 overexpression impairs learning and memory and synaptic transmission. J Neuroscience 32(9):3109-3117.

Autry A. E., Adachi M., Nosyreva E, Na ES, Los MF, Cheng P, Kavalali, ET, Monteggia LM (2011) NMDA Receptor Blockade at Rest Triggers Rapid Behavioural Antidepressant Responses. Nature 275(7354):91-95.

Autry AE, Monteggia LM (2012) BDNF and Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Pharmacological Reviews 64(2):238-258.

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Nelson ED, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2008) Activity-dependent suppression of miniature neurotransmission through the regulation of DNA methylation. J Neurosci 28(2):395-406.

Adachi M, Barrot M, Autry A, Theobald D, Monteggia LM (2008) Selective loss of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the dentate gyrus attenuates antidepressant efficacy. Biol Psychiatry 63:642-649.

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