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Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (Primary) and Computer Science

Core faculty member, Data Science Institute

Member, Vanderbilt Genetics Institute

Member, Vanderbilt Brain Institute

Member, The Frist Center for Autism and Innovation

Affiliate Scientist, Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC, Neuroscience Unit)

Stevenson Complex 5919;

Maizie completed her undergraduate study at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in China and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Wake Forest School of Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, where she was supported by a fellowship by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Enlight Foundation. Maizie joined Vandy as an Assistant Professor in August 2020. She is the recipient of an outstanding investigator award (R35) from the National Institutes of Health.

Ph.D. Students 

Yichen (Henry) Liu

B.S, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Computer Science (2021 Spring – present), Stevenson Complex 5917


Can Luo

(Vanderbilt Graduate Fellowship)

B.S, Fudan University, M.S, Vanderbilt University

Biomedical Engineering (2021 Fall – present), Stevenson Complex 5917


Yunfei (Oliver) Hu

B.S, M.S, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Computer Science (2021 Fall – present), Stevenson Complex 5917


Weiman Yuan

(Russell G. Hamilton Scholar, Vanderbilt Dean’s Graduate Fellowship)

B.S, Nankai University, M.A, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Biomedical Engineering (2022 Fall – present), Stevenson Complex 5917


Yikang  Li

B.S, Michigan State University, M.S, Imperial College London

Biomedical Engineering (2023 Spring – present), Stevenson Complex 5907

Han Liu

B.S, M.S, Virginia Tech

Computer Science (2023 Fall – present), Stevenson Complex 5917



Research Assistant 

Manfei (Bella) Xie

B.S, Shantou University, M.S, The University of Alabama

Biomedical Engineering (2023 Fall – present), Stevenson Complex 5907



Lab Assistant 

Sihan Ye

Computer Science


Undergrad Students

Zimeng (Jamie) Zhou

Computer Science, Cognitive Studies, & Mathematics  ’24

(2022 Fall – present)

Matthew Zhou

Computer Science  ’25

(2023 Spring – present)

Sona Javadi

Computer Science  ’25

(2023 Spring – present)


High School Student Intern

Lily Bowen

The Harpeth Hall School (Honors STEM Research Course for girls)

(2023/08 – present)


Summer Research

Supriyo Rana  BME, BS, 2023 Summer

Neal Bagai  CS, BS, 2023 Summer

Haoran (Hunter) Qin  CS & Economics, BS, 2023 Summer

Jihoon Jimmy Baek   CS & Medicine, Health, and Society, BS, 2023 Summer

Xinyu Gao  Data Science, MS, 2022 Summer

Muwen Zhan  Data Science, MS, 2022 Summer

Cameron Pirozzi   BME & CS & Mathematics, BS, 2022 Summer

Georgia Reed Cooper   BME, BS,  2021 Summer  (Clark Scholars Program)


Alumni (>=2 semesters)

Adam Hollander  CS & Mathematics, BS,  2022 Summer – 2023 Spring

Yingxiang (Andy) Ma  Data Science, MS,  2021 Fall – 2023 Spring, first job: Ph.D. student in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics @ Vanderbilt University

Jacob Ioffe  CS & Public Policy, BS,  2020 Fall – 2022 Fall, first job: Master’s student in Health Tech @ Cornell Tech

Zheng (Wayne) Wu  CS & Mathematics, BS,  2022 Summer – 2023 Spring, first job: Master’s student in CS @ Rice University

Rohit Khurana CS & Molecular & Cellular Biology & Mathematics, BS,  2022 Fall – 2023 Spring, first job: Master’s student in CS @ Stanford University

Jia Yao  (remote) CS, 2022 Summer – 2022 Fall, first job: Ph.D. student in BME Program @ UT Southwestern Medical Center

Curtis Schunk  (with Prof Cynthia Reinhart-King) BME, MS, 2022 Summer – 2022 Fall, first job: Analyst, Clinical & Strategic Analytics @ OneOncology

Zi-Hang Wen (remote + in-person) BS in Engineering, 2020 Summer – 2022 Summer, first job: Ph.D. student in Computational Biology (CPCB) through Computer Science @ CMU

Amy Sihn   EE & Mathematics, BS, 2021 Fall – 2022 Spring, first job: Master’s student in EE @ UCLA

Staunton “Hank” Golding   BME, BS, 2021 Spring – 2022 Spring

Sanidhya Mangal   CS, MS, 2021 Summer – 2022 Spring

Parth A. Datar   CS, BS+MS, 2021 Summer – 2022 Spring, first job: CAD SWE @ Qualcomm

Yuanqi Xie   CS, MS, 2020 Fall – 2021 Fall

Yasi Wang   Data Science, MS, 2021 Spring (Capstone project), first job: Amazon

Jeremy L. Langsam   BME, BS,  2020 Fall – 2021 Spring

Griffin L. Grubbs  BME, BS, 2020 Fall – 2021 Spring

Ziqi Guo  (remote) EPE, BS, 2020 Fall – 2021 Summer, first job: Ph.D. student in ME @ Purdue University

Sijie Li  (remote) Informatics, MS, 2020 Fall – 2021 Summer, first job: Ph.D. student in CS @ University of Sheffield