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Our Research Topic in Frontiers in Genetics is accepted and online!

Posted by on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 in Principal Investigator.

Our Research Topic “Towards a More Complete and Accurate Personal Genome Sequence: Methods and Use Cases” in Frontier in Genetics” is accepted and online!

We welcome all forms of submissions: Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Method Articles, Case Reports, Mini Review Articles, Code, Book Reviews, General Commentaries, Perspectives, Hypotheses & Theories.

The aim of the topic is to address key areas of computational human genome analysis, including:

-Simulations of different sequencing data types to inform what methods are best for generating the highest quality, most cost effective, and complete genomes.

-Bioinformatic approaches to improve mapping, assembly, variant calling, and phasing.

-Bioinformatic approaches using phasing for interpretation of genome data.

-Strategies to improve the human reference genome.