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A Tour

The lobby is an interactive exhibit with hands-on demonstrations of patented technology at LASIR. The exhibit also is portable and is used for student recruiting events and to engage a variety of stakeholders in the community, industry, and educational institutions to maximize the value that LASIR brings to the region at the intersection of discovery and learning.

  • 20,0000 square feet with proprietary and Export Control restricted space
  • 27’ceiling clearance for full-scale testing
  • 10 Gbit fiber for high-speed computing
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Fully equipped conference facility
  • All-purpose machine shop


LASIR houses more than $10 million in high-end instrumentation including 3D high-speed scanning velocimeter and digital image correlation systems, an electrohydraulic vehicle simulator, material and environmental test machines, a high-velocity impact tower, a wind tunnel, and 100’s of channels of sensing and data acquisition hardware.