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Margret (Maggie) Fye

Ph.D. Candidate, Cell & Developmental Biology

Maggie is a Ph.D. candidate in the lab, and entered Vanderbilt through IGP in fall 2020. She earned her bachelor’s degree in science from University of Arizona, majoring in physiology and minoring in studio art. She spent 3 years doing research in the Physiology Department there, working on gap junction proteins and drug screens. She came to grad school wanting to study diabetes, and her current dissertation project is studying the role of cytoskeleton at insulin secreting adhesions, specializing in live cell TIRF microscopy. When not in the lab, Maggie can be found painting, crafting, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite Nashville food pick is Five Daughters’ croissant donuts!

Highlighted publications:

Insulin secretion hot spots in pancreatic β cells as secreting adhesions 

Genome-wide CRISPR screen identified a role for commander complex mediated ITGB1 recycling in basal insulin secretion