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We are looking for a postdoc!

Posted by on Monday, June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized.

The Choi Lab is seeking a highly motivated, recent a PhD graduate to participate in gastric cancer research.

The position will focus on

  1. To assess cellular mechanisms of de novo cancer stem cell differentiation caused by acquired mutations during carcinogenic transition between pre-cancer and cancer
  2. To assess cellular heterogeneity and plasticity of de novo cancer stem cells during gastric cancer initiation. We also seek to identify novel drug candidates which would be applicable for efficient therapeutic or preventative treatment targeting the stem cells in early stage gastric cancer patients

Specific techniques for these studies include

Animal surgical techniques, Single cell RNA sequencing, 3D organoid culture, Live cell/organoid microscopy and Multiplex fluorescence imaging and analysis.

Common techniques include

Molecular biology, cell biology and Confocal fluorescence microscopy.


If interested, please contact Eunyoung Choi,, with a full CV, three references, earliest start date and a statement with career goal and research experience.

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