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Advanced Robotics & Control Lab

The lab is a 700 sq ft newly established research space focused on robotics and control. The lab is located in the brand new Engineering & Science Building at Vanderbilt.

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology

CREATE consists of a state-of-the-art 3000 sq ft shard motion analysis lab for human and robot experiments, a shared electronics lab for advanced mechatronics, along with three engineering labs that house the Braun Lab focused on Robotics & Control for Assistive Technology, Zelik Lab focused on Biomechanics for Assistive Technology, and the Goldfarb Lab focused on Mechatronics for Assistive Technology.

Motion analysis lab

  • Bertec split-belt force-instrumented treadmill
  • 6 AMTI in-ground force plates
  • 10-camera Vicon T40 motion capture system
  • 12-camera OptiTrack motion capture system
  • Xsens portable motion capture
  • 16+channel wireless Delsys Trigno EMG system
  • Cosmed K4b2 portable respirometry system
  • Pedar-x pressure insole system
  • Telemed EchoBlaster 128 ultrasound systems

Fabrication facilities

Wond’ry is a brand new 13,000 sq ft Innovation Center in the Engineering & Science Building, which offers a mechanical fabrication facility and a collaboration space. Our researchers can also use the machine shops of the School of Engineering.