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Dana Zhang

Dr. Peng “Dana” Zhang is an Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Department of Computer Science and the Data Science Institute at Vanderbilt University. She previously served as an Assistant Professor and Data Science Director in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Belmont University … Read More





Project Managers

Eloise Benissan

Computer Science and Economics, Freshman

Eloise Benissan is a Computer Science and Economics double major at Vanderbilt University following a yearlong internship in healthcare private equity in Paris. In the Paris-based investment fund, Eloise gained experience with sourcing and researching growth stage companies in the medical technology space…Read More




Jiahe Wang

Psychology Major & Data Science Minor, sophomore

I am the ‘webmaster’ of prof Zhang’s lab, and it’s such a pleasure to take this responsibility. Although I’m new to the area of Blockchain, prof Zhang’s lab is definitely a great place to gain some insight…Read More





Undergraduate Research Assistants

Ilya Ermakov

Computer Science major, Graduating in May 2023 (currently a junior)

I am an undergraduate student at Vanderbilt, and I am majoring in Computer Science. I have experience in back-end software development, and I enjoy learning about distributed systems and software architecture…Read More




Abir M Mazumder

Computer Science, Senior

I am a New Yorker who’s about to graduate and go back to New York again! This is actually my first time ever being involved in research. What’s more fascinating is dwelling in the domain two unfamiliar and different topics combined in a unique manner…Read More




Konstantinos Oikonomou

Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, Senior

Software engineer turned researcher with experience in backend infrastructure and development. During my short time in research, I have been working with the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) on integrating Augmented Reality in the fashion industry (…Read More




Undergraduate Researchers

Lincoln D Murr

Computer Science Sophomore

I got into blockchain about 5 years ago, in 2017. Since then, I have given a TEDx talk at Vanderbilt about blockchain, published 80+ articles in different cryptocurrency publications, interviewed some of the top personalities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, worked for a financial planning company as a cryptocurrency intern, and am currently a blockchain product manager at a healthcare startup…Read More



Pei S Tan

Computer Science, Senior (2022)

I am a senior studying Computer Science and Engineering Management. Blockchain is a topic that has fascinated me since the first time I heard about it and its specific applications in cryptocurrency…Read More




Volunteer Researchers

Abhay Khanna

HOD & CS, Freshman

My name is Abhay Khanna and I am a Freshman here at Vanderbilt studying HOD and Computer Science with a minor in Business. I started casually investing in cryptocurrency a year ago and I began to realize that fundamental and technical knowledge of the space is crucial for an investor …Read More




Brayden T. Edman

Electrical Engineering and Philosophy (’25)

I try to approach Blockchain technology with a sense of modesty. This allows me to parse through the hype and stick to its use cases… Read More





Kennedy Bao Ho

Computer Science/Sophomore

I am from Houston, Texas, I love to experience and learn new things. I got interested in blockchain research from building a dApp and wanting to learn more! My hobbies include watching Marvel shows, playing league of legends, keeping up with current events, and pretending to understand sports.




Katherine Z Hu

2024, Computer Science

I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science and joined the lab because I’m very interested in blockchain and the variety of applications. I’m excited to be able to leverage blockchain to better streamline the healthcare system…Read More




Sean McHale

Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, Sophomore

Sean McHale is a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He co-founded and is the vice president of Vanderbilt Blockchain whose goal is to spread knowledge about blockchain and teach the skills to utilize blockchain technology. In the summer of 2021, Sean in a team developed a blockchain-based Le Chat Noir application. The game was programmed using Reach, a novel programming language for decentralized applications, and deployed as a web app using React … Read More


Trista Yao

Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, sophomore

I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at Vanderbilt. I joined Prof. Zhang’s lab as I was intrigued by blockchain’s applicability in healthcare systems. It’s exciting and fulfilling for me to explore this new, real-life topic outside of class. With past experiences in front-end and designing UI, and I’m currently working on building the app for HIDe with fellow lab members. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and I love cats!