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Our Values and Approach

Action Research for Equity and Justice

The ultimate goal of the YSL group is to contribute to efforts aimed at disrupting injustice in society. The U.S. and broader global society are rife with inequality and groups and organizations are engaging in action daily to devise a more equitable world. It is our belief that researchers can contribute to these efforts in various ways. One way is by using our research skills to lend insight into the dynamics of youth-serving organizations or school districts working to be more equitable. Rigorous research can enable practitioners to be more effective in their resource and service provision. Another way is by working directly with communities as partners in community-based research or other community-initiated efforts, where community members set the agendas and we offer our labor as partners rather than as leaders. These are just two examples of how lab members can and will serve the aim of promoting equity.


Healthy Lab Culture

In the YSL, work is not the first priority. While that is difficult to fathom for many of us invested in the work, we start from the premise that all human beings deserve dignity in their work life. As such, we prioritize our health and well-being before our productivity. As the lab PI, this means I will rarely require you to complete time-sensitive tasks over the weekend or late into the evenings. I want us all to embrace a healthy balance with work that disrupts the culture of hyper-productivity often found in academia. However, we are not dogmatic or prescriptive and encourage you to identify routines that work for you, your health, and your loved ones. Additionally, I am of the belief that building a trusting community is difficult work that requires honest and sometimes challenging conversations. To that end, we will: show all member respect in our communications, offer support in challenging moments, offer sharp yet thoughtful feedback, and be kind when we fail to meet our goals. Lab members will support one another and resist the urge to see other lab members as competition. The goal is to uplift each other and cheer on our collective successes.