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Cell and Developmental Biology graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members, along with others from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience comprise the Vanderbilt International Researcher Alliance (VIRAL).

Organization goal

To create an environment to foster international researchers by providing them with a community which promotes intercultural awareness via educational, social, and cross-cultural programs and provide a space to discuss concerns and communicate the needs of the international community.

What we do 

VIRAL’s goals are to provide four pillars of support to the international community by:
  1. Lobbying for the interests of international researchers in a unified fashion across the biomedical sciences and other graduate programs.
  2. Fostering a community where international researchers can find support and interact with others from dispersed labs and departments.
  3. Providing transition support for incoming international researchers.
  4. Creating a more tangible environment where domestic researchers can engage with the international community and understand our unique circumstances as researchers in the U.S.
We hosted a Meet & Greet on October 29, which connected over 50 international scholars! This event was generously sponsored by the CDB DEI Committee and the BRET Office. All international researchers and allies are welcome to join us at our upcoming events! Please see the flyer below.

Graduate students and researchers of all levels are welcome!