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We would like to acknowledge our sponsors for supporting STORM Lab research.


NSFNational Science Foundation
CAREER: Lifesaving Capsule Robots. Pietro Valdastri (PI). Total budget: $400,000.
Duration: 02/01/2015 — 01/31/2020 [ NSF LINK ]


1R01EB018992: A magnetic capsule endoscope for colonoscopy in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease — A Bioengineering Research Partnerships award.
Pietro Valdastri (PI), Keith L. Obstein (co-I), Robert L. Galloway (co-I), Richard M. Peek, Jr. (co-I).
Total budget: $1,504,398. Duration: 09/18/2014 – 05/31/2018


NSFNational Science Foundation
CPS: Synergy: Integrated Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Miniature Medical Devices.
Pietro Valdastri (PI), Akos Ledeczi (co-PI), Peter Volgyesi (co-PI), Robert J. Webster III (co-PI).
Total budget: $1,016,000. Duration: 12/01/2012 — 11/30/2016 [ NSF LINK ]


I-Corps: A modular toolkit for rapid prototyping of capsule robots. Pietro Valdastri (PI). Total budget: $50,000. Duration: 12/15/2014 — 05/31/2015 [ NSF LINK ]


Development and pre-clinical validation of a soft-tethered endoscopic robot to replace colonoscopy.
Pietro Valdastri (PI), Keith L. Obstein (co-I).
Total budget: $110,000. Duration: 10/01/2013 — 12/31/2014


Thanks to Given Imaging Ltd support, we are studying enabling technologies for the next generation of gastrointestinal capsule endoscopes.


I-Corps: CO2 Insufflator for Minimally Invasive Procedures. Pietro Valdastri (PI). Total budget: $50,000. Duration: 10/01/2013 — 03/31/2014 [ NSF LINK ]


Charreau S. Bell is supported by a NSF-CCEFP Graduate Research Fellowship.


A Novel Robotic Platform For Colorectal Cancer Screening.
Pietro Valdastri (PI), Keith Obstein (co-PI).
Total budget: $30,000. Duration: 04/23/2012 — 04/22/2013.


Vanderbilt University and the School of Engineering are supporting the STORM Lab through generous start-up funds and the Discovery Grant program.