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Selected Published Works

  • Overway, E.M., Bosma, K.J., Claxton, D.P., Oeser, J.K., Singh, K., Breidenbach, L.B., Mchaourab, H.S., Davis, L.K. and O’Brien, R.M. Nonsynonymous single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the G6PC2 gene affect protein expression, enzyme activity, and fasting blood glucose. J. Biol. Chem., 298, 101534, 2022.
  • Claxton, D.P., Overway, E.M., Oeser, J.K., O’Brien, R.M. and Mchaourab, H.S. Biophysical and functional properties of purified glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit 1. J. Biol. Chem., 298, 101520, 2022.
  • Bosma, K.J., Rahim, M, Oeser, J.K., McGuinness, O.P., Young, J.D. and O’Brien, R.M. G6PC2 confers protection against hypoglycemia upon ketogenic diet feeding and prolonged fasting. Mol. Metab. 41, 101043, 2020.
  • Syring, K.E., Bosma, K.J., Goleva, S.B., Singh, K., Oeser, J.K., Lopez, C.A., Skaar, E.P., McGuinness, O.P., Davis, L.K., Powell,. D.R. and O’Brien, R.M. Potential positive and negative consequences of ZnT8 inhibition. Jour. of Endocrinol., 246, 189-205, 2020.
  • Mosleh, E., Ou, K., Haemmerle, M.W., Tembo, T., Yuhas, A., Carboneau, B.A., Townsend, S.E., Bosma, K.J., Gannon, M., O’Brien, R.M., Stoffers, D.A. and Golson, M.L. Ins1-Cre and Ins1-CreER Gene Replacement Alleles Are Susceptible To Silencing By DNA Hypermethylation. Endocrinology, 161, 2020.
  • Bosma, K.J., Rahim, M., Singh, K., Goleva, S.B., Wall, M.L., Xia, J., Syring, K.E., Oeser, J.K., Poffenberger, G., McGuinness, O.P., Means, A.L., Powers, A.C., Li, W., Davis, L.K., Young, J.D. and O’Brien, R.M. Pancreatic islet beta cell-specific deletion of G6pc2 reduces fasting blood glucose. Jour. of Mol. Endocrinol., 64, 235-248, 2020.
  • Bosma, K.J., Syring, K.E., Oeser, J.K., Lee, J.D., Benninger, R.KP., Pamenter, M.E., and O’Brien, R.M. Evidence that evolution of the diabetes susceptibility gene SLC30A8 that encodes the zinc transporter ZnT8 drives variations in pancreatic islet zinc content in multiple species. Jour. of Mol. Evolution, 87, 147-151, 2019.
  • Syring, K.E., Bosma, K.J., Oeser, J.K., Shiota, M., and O’Brien, R.M. The diabetes susceptibility gene SLC30A8 that encodes the zinc transporter ZnT8 is a pseudogene in guinea pigs potentially contributing to low guinea pig islet zinc content. Jour. of Mol. Evolution, 86, 613-617, 2018.


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