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Lab Members


Principal Investigator

Vito Quaranta, MD
Director, Vanderbilt Quantitative Systems Biology Center
PI, NCI Center for Systems Biology of Small Cell Lung Cancer at Vanderbilt
Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Research and Administrative Staff

Amanda Linkous, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Scientific Center Manager
NCI Center for Systems Biology of Small Cell Lung Cancer at Vanderbilt
Department of Biochemistry


Darren Tyson, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

My work focuses on analysis of single-cell responses to perturbations
and modeling how the individual cell responses affect the overall cell
population dynamics.


Jing Hao
Lab Manager


Kevin Contreras
Research Assistant
BS in Animal, Dairy, Veterinary Science at Utah State University


Neeru Panthee
Central Admin


Postdoctoral Fellows

Leonard A. Harris
College: Cornell University
Current title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research interests: Computational modeling of complex biological systems; epigenetics and resistance mechanisms in cancer cells.


Bishal Paudel
Undergraduate Institution: The College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID
Current Title: Postdoc
Research Interests: I’m interested in understanding the basis for cellular heterogeneity, and how cancer cells use variability to escape therapy.


Graduate Students

Christian Meyer


Corey Hayford
College: The University of Texas at Austin
Title: Graduate Researcher
Research interests: Single-cell approaches to studying cancer heterogeneity. Specifically, using single-cell RNAseq and lineage tracing (barcoding) to identify cell state variability and transitions.


Sarah Maddox


Clayton Wandishin


Wajiha Khalid


Samanta Beik


Melaine Sebastian


Postdoc Students

Jack Robbins