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Applicants for the summer program are asked to complete an application via Vanderbilt’s Slate platform. The application deadline for this coming year’s program is January 19, 2024 by 11:59 p.m. central. The application link is available here.

In addition to conventional background questions, applicants will be asked to:

  • Indicate a research area of interest
  • Tell us about your motivation for the program, goals, preparedness, and fit for this type of opportunity.
  • Upload an unofficial transcript (admitted students will later be asked to submit an official transcript)
  • Upload a resume that includes previous employment, research experiences (if any), and skills (e.g., statistical software, programming, languages)
  • Upload a writing sample that conveys the applicant’s capacity for analytical writing and/or research

In addition, applicants will be asked to identify 2 references who can comment on the applicant’s qualifications for the program. These references may be instructors and/or supervisors. References will be contacted by Vanderbilt after the applicant has submitted the application and will directly upload their letters to Slate.

Please note: we advise that applicants ask their references to assess the applicant’s (1) capacity for communication, analytical reasoning, and research; 2) level of professionalism (diligence, teamwork, engagement, punctuality); 3) goals and/or growth areas.

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