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Welcome to the Vanderbilt Neurochemistry Core Laboratory

The Neurochemistry Core is a joint service facility operated by the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and the Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development, and is affiliated with the Bioanalytical Core in the Vanderbilt Conte Center for Neuroscience Research.  The Neurochemistry Core has been operating since Fall of 1999 in the analysis of rat and mouse brain samples.

Please consider featuring the Neurochemistry Core Laboratory in your upcoming grant applications if the analyses provided complement your research aims.

The facility is open to all Vanderbilt Investigators as well as outside institutions.  Sample data, including the concentration (ng or fmol/mg protein), is typically returned in less than two weeks from submission.

For additional information on rates and services, please see the link in the Neurochemistry sidebar,email Ginger Milne, Ph.D., or call the lab at 615-322-4496.