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The Nanoscale Transport Phenomena Laboratory (NTPL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University was founded by Professor Deyu Li in 2004. We pursue cutting-edge research in fundamental understandings of charge, energy, molecular transport, and novel engineering applications. We aim to contribute to sustainable energy usage and healthcare solutions.

Current research projects in our lab include:

(1) Understand polariton-mediated energy transport in nanostructures that can enable novel cooling strategies

(2) Probe energy transport through low-dimensional materials with exotic thermal properties

(3) Develop graphene transistor-based scanning photocurrent microscopy for mapping electrical activities of neuron networks

(4) Construct microfluidic platforms for exploring the effects of particle hydrodynamics on the electrochemical performance of flowable electrodes

(5) Create various lab-on-a-chip sensing technologies for point-of-care applications.