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Welcome to the MELD (Multisensory Environments in Longitudinal Development) Consortium.

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We live in a multisensory world—continually bombarded with stimuli from multiple sensory modalities. As such, one of the major jobs of the human brain is to make sense of this sensory mélange, integrating information that belongs together and segregating information that does not. We know having information from multiple senses can dramatically improve performance in a host of domains, including detecting, discriminating, and localizing objects and events. These benefits are far less known in the context of the developing brain.

This gap represents a tremendous knowledge void in our understanding of human development. Such work to be carried out by this consortium would not only hold enormous basic significance in being the first true characterization of multisensory development, but would also have great significance in the applied, clinical, and educational arenas.

This website will be updated as the consortium’s project(s) progresses.