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Although advances in technology have been profound and exciting, the changes associated with these advances have not always been positive. It has been particularly challenging to understand how technological change will improve learning and produce a healthier, more informed, and more equitable society. To meet this challenge, the LIVE (Learning Incubator: a Vanderbilt Endeavor) center is devoted to a new way of thinking about technology’s role in teaching and learning, in both formal and informal settings. We focus on consequential learning that leverages technology to meet the needs of healthy, socially integrated learning, participation and growth for students and workers at all levels.

Our mission includes developing partnerships to gain mutual understandings of the value of university-industry collaborations for both early-stage companies and mature corporations that are reinventing themselves. In addition, as we define the LIVE mission, we have been exploring and developing internal relationships with other Vanderbilt Centers, and we are developing a researcher community within Vanderbilt.

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