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Observation of Ultrafast Energy Transfer from the Accessory Bacteriochlorophylls to the Special Pair in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers.


Jia Y. , Jonas D.M. , Joo T. , Nagasawa Y. , Lang M.J. , Fleming G.R. . Journal of Physical Chemistry. 1995 4 27; 99(17). 6263-6266


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The energy transfer from accessory bacteriochlorophyll molecules (B) to the special pair (P) in the reaction centerofRb.capsulatusandRb.sphaeroidesR26hasbeentime-resolvedusing23fspulses. Inbothreaction centers, the B* transient bleaching decays biexponentially, with a fast component of approximately 100 fs which gives a characteristic time scale for excitation energy transfer from B* to P. In Rb. cupsulatus, the amplitudes for this component and a 360 f40fs decay of uncertain origin reported in previous experiments are approximately equal. Several models for the two components are discussed.