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Aberrant accumulation of undifferentiated myeloid cells in the adipose tissue of CCR2-deficient mice delays improvements in insulin sensitivity.


Gutierrez DADario A , Kennedy A Arion , Orr JS Jeb S , Anderson EK Emily K , Webb CD Corey D , Gerrald WK William K , Hasty AH Alyssa H . Diabetes. 2011 11 ; 60(11). 2820-9


Mice with CCR2 deficiency are protected from insulin resistance but only after long periods of high-fat diet (HFD) feeding, despite the virtual absence of circulating inflammatory monocytes. We performed a time course study in mice with hematopoietic and global CCR2 deficiency to determine adipose tissue-specific mechanisms for the delayed impact of CCR2 deficiency on insulin resistance.