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Magnetic Robot System

A magnetic robotic system is consisted of 1) an intelligent magnetic actuation system, such as an electromagnet actuation system or mobile permanent-magnet system, 2) magnetic miniature robots (rigid or soft, single or swarm, tethered or untethered), and 3) a sensing system such as cameras or medical imaging machines.

Medical miniature robots

Key words: Droplet robots, drug delivery, robotic capsule endoscopes, magnetic actuation and localization

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Soft climbing medical robots (coming soon)
Miniature Soft Robots

Key words: soft robots, bioinspiration, biomechanics, swimming robots, fluidic manipulation

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Swarm microrobots

Key words: control, collective motion, cooperative behaviors

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Microrobots for manipulation

Key words: soft microgrippers, control and motion planning, 3D assseembly, tissue engineering

  • Chung, S.E.#, Dong, X.# and Sitti, M., 2015. Three-dimensional heterogeneous assembly of coded microgels using an untethered mobile microgripper. Lab on a Chip, 15(7), pp.1667-1676. Link
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