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Faculty and Research Staff:

Akos Ledeczi, Director, Professor of Computer Science
Corey Brady, Co-Director, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Cliff Anderson, Associate University Librarian for Research and Digital Strategy
Brian Broll, Research Scientist
Gautam Biswas, Professor of Computer Science
Noel Enyedy, Professor of Science Education
Jonathan Gilligan, Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Heather Johnson, Associate Professor of the Practice of Science Education
Ole Molvig, Assistant Professor of History
Gayathri Narasimham, Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Jessica Oster, Assistant Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Lynn Ramey, Professor of French
Chris Vanags, Director of Research Initiatives, Peabody College of Education


Graduate Students:

Devin Cruz Jean, Computer Science
Gordon Stein, Computer Science