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Welcome to the CARE-E!

The purpose of this site is to provide information on some of the research projects being conducted in the CARE-E and Rural Health Equity Program, as well as provide access to information and resources for researchers, practitioners, families, and community stakeholders and organizations.

Located at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, the CARE-E  and Rural Health Equity Program examines the influence of a variety of factors and processes (e.g., parenting, neighborhood, individual differences, schooling, etc.) on the well-being of families, youth, and communities, in both rural and urban settings. Through alliances with other universities, community officials, child welfare organizations, and parents, The CARE-E and Rural Health Equity Program strives to elucidate patterns, processes, and factors that are drivers and eliminators of multiple disparities confronting made-to-be marginalized families, youth and communities.

Our work is informed and guided by the following pillars, to:


Strengthen the science on the nature, causes, mechanisms, and strategies related to health inequities and efforts to eliminate them.


Foster evaluation and metrics of impact of program strategies and actions, providing leadership for continuous learning and improvement in work to eliminate health inequities.


Demonstrate internal equity leadership and practice as a driving factor in the design, execution, and impact.


Communicate the evidence to bring understanding of the strongest science to the service of decision-makers, organizations, communities, and individuals working to eliminate health inequities and achieve optimal health for all.


Link with stakeholders and stakeholder networks, organizations and agencies for ongoing collaborative relationships and synergy in the broad action agenda to eliminate health inequities and achieve optimal health for all.


Facilitate evidence-based policies and strategies shown to be effective in reducing structural and related barriers to advancing health equity