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New Publication: Low-Profile Elastic Exosuit Reduces Back Muscle Fatigue

Posted by on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 in News.

Lamers, E. P., Soltys, J. C., Scherpereel, K. L., Yang, A. J. and Zelik, K. E. (2020). Low-Profile Elastic Exosuit Reduces Back Muscle FatigueScientific Reports10 (1), 1-16.



We investigated the extent to which an un-motorized, low-profile, elastic exosuit reduced the rate of fatigue for six lumbar extensor muscles during leaning. Six healthy subjects participated in an A-B-A (withdrawal design) study protocol, which involved leaning at 45º for up to 90 s without exosuit assistance (A1), then with assistance (B), then again without assistance (A2). The exosuit provided approximately 12–16 Nm of lumbar extension torque. We measured lumbar muscle activity (via surface electromyography) and assessed fatigue rate via median frequency slope. We found that five of the six subjects showed consistent reductions in fatigue rate (ranging from 26% to 87%) for a subset of lumbar muscles (ranging from one to all six lumbar muscles measured). These findings objectively demonstrate the ability of a low-profile elastic exosuit to reduce back muscle fatigue during leaning, which may improve endurance for various occupations.