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The Small Molecule NMR Facility Core at Vanderbilt University is a shared resource that provides researchers with access to NMR spectrometers for the study of small molecules. The core facility manages three Bruker NMR spectrometers ranging from 400-600 MHz, with two housed in the Stevenson Center 1 facility and one in Medical Research Building 4. An additional 500 MHz spectrometer installed in the Biomolecular NMR facility is managed jointly and is available for use by members of either facility.

The facility is used by researchers from a variety of disciplines, including chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and materials science. NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying the structure and dynamics of molecules in solution, and the mission of the Small Molecule NMR Facility Core is to enable researchers across campus working in the chemical and biochemical sciences.

The facility offers a variety of training courses and resources to help researchers get the most out of their NMR experiments. Researchers can also collaborate with the Facility Director (Donald Stec, Ph.D.; to develop custom NMR protocols.