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About the Core

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has built and furnished a state-of-the-art rodent behavioral core facility. All investigators at VUMC and Vanderbilt University have access to this facility which is outfitted with multiple rooms of equipment for the purpose of behavioral testing in rats and mice.

The Rat Neurobehavioral Core provides equipment, training and consulting for Vanderbilt personnel who are interested in studying rat models of both neurological and psychiatric disorders. Examples of assays available for research in rats include models of anxiety, depression, drug abuse, learning and memory, cognition, attention, social interaction, pain, motor activity and coordination. Investigators can employ the latest technology in video capture and software-based analysis of behavior.  A surgical suite is available, outfitted with a wide variety of equipment such as standard rat stereotaxic frames and a stereo-microscope, as well as various perfusion tables. Housing takes place inside the facility’s vivarium, which is Virus-Antibody free.