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I frankly don think US wants peace

Posted by on Thursday, June 26, 2014 in archives, Uncategorized.

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cheap Canada Goose Even when I wanted canada goose outlet uk fake to give him credit for NK, he behaved like a dick and canada goose outlet florida pulled out. I frankly don think US wants peace. Hardcore right winger South Koreans and Americans view Moon (SK President) as a traitor and sell out. I give any credits of NK canada goose outlet uk peace to Moon. ISIS Russia has done the canada goose outlet in new york most to stop them. True, it has come at the cost of Assad getting canada goose outlet online reviews stronger, but frankly when you so sick of US entering another war and causing havoc, I don even know if having Assad is the worst option. Tax cuts, yes definitely that been good. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets Well yeah I live in big city/ urban area too, so my life per se canada goose outlet paypal is not affected. If anything the Americans are more cautious to not say something perceived as offensive and mostly don side with Trump. But he has consistently been creating uncertainity sometimes with H1B, trade, tariff, travel bans. Trump if anything is a good example canada goose jacket outlet store of why seasoned politicians even if crooks are better than reality TV stars as President. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket Yeah I had a spa too to make sure I was alright. It actually feels so good to get out of it, I am thanking God this moment for getting me out of it (I am not really a believer, but it got so bad in my head I wasn really focusing on atheism and all that). I thought weed would be harmless, and all my past trips were fine. This one in particular, there just no end. I thought I wake up fine. Nope, continuing to canada goose clothing uk be trippy. Unable to get out of the couch. I do think there needs to be a higher awareness that even “harmless” drugs like weed can lead canada goose outlet in chicago to situations like this so that canada goose outlet uk sale more people know what they signing up for. I frankly thought this was it for the rest of my canada goose outlet ontario life. canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Man, so timely to see this. I was struggling with a bad trip. Was canada goose uk into my 2nd day, and thoughts just kept getting worse. Just felt like this would never end, and I ruined remainder of my life. Felt ashamed of myself for ruining my nice life with my gf, felt sorry for my parents. I canada goose outlet hong kong started reading forums on how to end it, and getting into negative thoughts on euthanasia. And this was just weed (a mixture of indica and sativa) cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance sale Somehow I convinced myself canada goose stockists uk to get out of my couch and get an item from Indian place next door as I had eaten since morning canada goose outlet toronto address ( till 4:30 pm), but it was closed. I was still trippy. So I decided to walk 20 minutes to the next nearest store, canada goose outlet 80 off and magically things got canada goose outlet store uk less trippier with the minutes as my eyes acclimated themselves canada goose outlet in uk to the traffic, hustle bustle of life. I am so glad I feel relatively normal now in the last 1 hour. I hope you can too. I think though I am done with drugs for now. Maybe few years later I might have a good excuse, but not now. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats Indian canada goose vest outlet here living in US. I remember when Trump canada goose outlet reviews won, India (alongside Israel) was one of the few countries which was happy because a lot of Canada Goose Outlet right wing Hindu supporters saw it as finally a US President who will set the record straight with Pakistan. I never believed a word of that, and even if I thought he did set it straight with Pakistan the guy is a farce so not worth supporting. Regardless canada goose outlet germany there were photos of right wing Hindus canada goose discount uk worshipping Trump. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet Fast forward 1.5 years, Trump has damaged his alliance with EU, Australia, Canada and now it “counterbalance” to China in Asia 2nd largest growing economy India. And he has continued shaking hands with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan continuing the Sunni terrorism based out of Wahhabism which plagues India, Europe and US. This canada goose outlet winnipeg guy doesn understand what alliances are, why they are made. US India tout shared democratic values, partners against Radical Islamic terrorism and here he is threatening to end trade relations with India. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Outlet As an Indian in US, this is what I want to say India and China not only have open markets now, and they aren just there for their cheap labour nor because they geniuses but because there 2.5 billion people (40 of the world population) amongst these 2 countries with a strong emphasis of education in both our cultures. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap So even if 50 of the countries are in poverty and only 1 of the people who can afford education turn out to be rockstars that still almost 15 million people (and I have skewed the above numbers unfavorably than reality). That a huge knowledge workforce. Right now US is absorbing a lot of the talent with better wages, trade between countries allowing US to benefit of this workforce. This is criticized back home in our country as “brain drain” (people like me who left our home country for cushy 6 figure jobs in US). buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose If the US continues to impose canada goose victoria parka outlet tariffs, initially these countries might suffer but all the expats can use their knowledge to startup companies in our home countries and make the country much more competitive in a few years time, which will be worse because then US will be facing competition in services industry too where right now it holds a near monopoly. That canada goose outlet michigan why I wish retards like Trump keep their mouth shut, don cause trade wars, let everyone in the world be happy with they have canada goose.