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Wounding increases nuclear ploidy in wound-proximal epidermal cells of the Drosophila pupal notum


White James , Hutson M Shane , Page-McCaw Andrea . Micro Publication Biology. 2024 3 ; ().


After injury, tissues must replace cell mass and genome copy number. The mitotic cycle is one mechanism for replacement, but non-mitotic strategies have been observed in quiescent tissues to restore tissue ploidy after wounding. Here we report that nuclei of the mitotically capable Drosophila pupal notum enlarged following nearby laser ablation. Measuring DNA content, we determined that nuclei within 100 µm of a laser-wound increased their ploidy to ~8C, consistent with one extra S-phase. These data indicate non-mitotic repair strategies are not exclusively utilized by quiescent tissues and may be an underexplored wound repair strategy in mitotic tissues.